Don’t we owe it to our children to protect them?

Mobile devices are providing new learning opportunities for schools and students. But with new opportunity comes risk. Theft of these devices is on the rise and some students are becoming targets of crime.

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Protect your students and staff by safeguarding your assets with Absolute Safe Schools.

Protect your students and staff by

safeguarding your assets with Absolute Safe Schools.

Educational organisations are embracing mobile devices to provide a more flexible approach to classroom learning. Laptops and tablets are enhancing the learning experience by motivating students, providing a wealth of instant information, and eliminating costly textbooks that date quickly. But along with the benefits of mobile devices comes the associated risks. Device theft is on the rise and some students are becoming targets of crime.

Absolute Safe Schools is an integrated program that works in conjunction with existing Absolute Software theft recovery technology. Overseen by our Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team, Absolute Safe Schools can help keep students and school environments safe and is available for K-12 and Higher Education organisations.


Teach students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk, including best practices and safe actions.


Create a safer environment by providing on-site promotional material that clearly designates “Protected Campus” status for each school setting, including anti-theft device stickers, on-site signage, and community outreach.


A proven rapid response to theft and a managed process for the return of found devices.


Higher Education

The IT landscape for higher education organisations is unique. Facility-owned assets contain enrolment and personal student information for which you are ultimately responsible. Student-owned devices present an entirely different challenge. Discover how you can support security for two different groups of devices that must co-exist in a single environment while safeguarding your assets, your students and your employees.


For K-12

While mobile devices in K-12 organisations can enhance the learning experience, they also pose many risks to students such as exposure to inappropriate internet content and becoming easy targets for thieves. Discover how Absolute Safe Schools can help you to protect your students, staff and assets and create a safer K-12 environment.

Key Components

– Assessment of device storage and security protocols
– Protected Campus deterrent materials
– On-site signage and community outreach
– Anti-theft device stickers for student devices
– Messaging for schools to drive awareness
– Ongoing crime interaction with the school

Program Benefits

– Safeguard students, teachers and employees
– Decrease crimes that occur on school property and within the community
– Lessen the time spent by IT on incident management
– Reduce overall loss and theft, preserving IT budgets
– Reassure parents by providing a safe and secure environment
– Protect sensitive school information

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